Sunday, 30 January 2011

Remembering Kamala

I have seen you Kamala, I do not know where.

Maybe in those women,

Who cover their face while they walk causally out of the durga in O.TC road.

I have seen you in some glass cage,

On the cover of a book.

I have seen you in the eyes of a girl who pinched my bare chest.

I have seen you in lost in Neelambari Raga.

I have seen you in women who wear glass bangles.

Red and brown. Black my favorite.

In the craving for love I have seen you. I have touched you.

In Kanyakumari I have seen you. Marveling the horizon.

Just like me, wondering about dreams of the flowers that bloom by dawn.

I have seen you Kamala in a language. The one in which you dreamed.

I was there when the sparrow died in your room.

I have seen you in the warmth of a thigh.

Profound were those moments.

I have preserved them in them in a history house.

Inside a ceramic pot.

1 comment:

  1. wow...a nice change from ur usual train of thought...
    i somehow like this better than d previous ones..
    n d histry house makes its appearance 2.. :)